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  • Bowman’s Boat, c.1920’s

    Bowman’s Boat, c.1920’s

    Orville Bowman is pictured here aboard his boat in Holly Bay. He bought the boat in 1927 & this picture was taken, most likely, a few years after that. Bowman came to Holly in 1925 to log in the area with his father. He later finished with Albert Pfundt on the Rambler. In 1927, Bowman…

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  • The Venture Ship

    The Venture Ship

    Information that I have gathered about the ship pictured here, The Venture, is conflicting. Steve Wyatt says that he recalls that Louie Pfundt owned The Venture, a purse seiner, & that Louie fished for salmon in the San Juan Islands in the summer & in Hood Canal in the fall. However, Florence “Flossie” Clark remembers…

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  • Holly Store & Pier, c.1920

    Holly Store & Pier, c.1920

    Albert Pfundt established this store around 1920. He purchased the business from Fred Wyatt and moved part of the structure (by horse power) & barge( from its location on Bourke’s Point to Holly Bay. He then expanded the store & built a 400-foot pier with two sheds to store chicken feed, kerosene, & oil. Mail,…

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  • Class of 1897 | Dewatto Area School

    Class of 1897 | Dewatto Area School

    Dewatto Area School Class of 1897 – Miss Gibbs the teacher is standing beside her class, farthest right. Along with her class of 14 students.

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