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We are collecting history, stories, and photos for the Holly Schoolhouse to put here on our website. Please send anything you have, short memories, long memories, condolences for the loss, photos from weddings, recipes, events and historic photos, anything at all, and we will load it onto our site where you can also donate to our fundraising efforts. You can find out how to send in your contributions below.

This will be a wonderful way for all of us to have access to the memories of that glorious building that was about to celebrate her 100th birthday before the tragic fire of April 13th, 2022.

Paige Stockley, Secretary
Holly Community Club

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  • Lee Wyatt Lives On

    Lee Wyatt Lives On

    Lee Wyatt lives on the property homesteaded by his great-grandfather, Robert Wyatt, the founder of Holly.  He can show you the thicket of brush and vine where his grandfather’s house once stood.  He can point out an old and somewhat haggard-looking holly tree on the hill – one that his grandfather planted and named Holly…

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  • Peaceful Holly by Hattie Madson

    Peaceful Holly by Hattie Madson

    Dear Mrs. Mey, I contacted Florence Pfundt Bowman about the history of Holly and she told me the following: The first school was built in1893 on Mr. William Rust’s property. The second one was built on 1905 on a piece of Fred Wyatt’s property. The third in 1922 on property donated by by Alber Pfundt,…

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  • Displays at the Centennial Party

    Displays at the Centennial Party

    We were challenged with creating a way to display without making a mark on the beautiful walls of the Manke Barn.  In the end, we painted 4’ x 8’ insulation boards with black chalkboard paint and used extra-strength adhesive mounting squares to attach them to the walls.  We held our collective breath each time we…

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  • The Centennial Party

    The Centennial Party

    On August 13th, 2022, the Holly Community came together to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Holly Schoolhouse, built in 1922.  Tragically the grand building burned down in her 100th year but the celebration was still held thanks to the generous offer of the Manke Family on Old Holly Hill Road to lend their family…

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  • The Howard Clark Baby Grand Piano

    The Howard Clark Baby Grand Piano

    The Schoolhouse baby grand piano, recently donated by the Howard Clark family in his memory, and tragically burned in the fire, is seen here played by Holly child Daisy Lerner at the Holly Christmas party of 2015.

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  • Easter Egg Hunt 2022

    Easter Egg Hunt 2022

    A successful Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday transpired despite the tragedy of the burning of the Schoolhouse, and our Children’s Activity Coordinator on the HCC Board Marin Metz, held the Easter Egg hunt at the Holly Community Club down by the cove.  The kids made ‘Thank you’ cards for the donors who gave extra funds for the children’s activity fund.  A good…

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