The Holly Community Club Years – Centennial Party Display

In 1947, after the Holly Schoolhouse was closed, the Central Kitsap School District deeded the Holly School building and grounds to the community on the condition they maintain it.  

Hence, the Holly Community Club was born and the Schoolhouse became its home.

It obtained its Articles of Incorporation from Washington State on July 8, 1947.  

The first meeting of the Club was a Friday night in November 1947.  Monte Huestis was elected president and Florence “Flossie” Bowman was elected secretary.  Yearly dues were set at $2 a family.

Initially the Club was known as the Holly Improvement Club which described their focus: bringing power, telephone service, and good roads to the community. County officials were regularly invited to meetings and the Club sent representatives to organizations like Kitsap Better Roads Association.

Thanks to Holly resident Clyde Carricker who reported about Holly for the Bremerton Sun in 1948, we know there was an active Friendly Neighbors Club (“composed of the ladies of the community”) who saw to the social and networking activities of the Holly Community Club.  Years later, the Ladies’ Auxiliary took on the similar role of organizing social activities and fundraisers.

For 75 years, the Club has operated non-stop with all-volunteer help staying true to its promise to maintain the building and grounds. Its community gatherings have always centered around food – potlucks, for the most part – and its fundraising around flea markets and bake sales. 

75 years of minutes, treasury reports, and photos of Club-sponsored events were lost in the fire.  Thanks to members who saved them, we do have copies of The Rumor, the Club newsletter which chronicled the doings of the Holly Community Club from 1996 to 2016.  The Rumor resumed publication in June 2022.