Meet Lionel Joseph Bourke

Lionel Joseph Bourke

Meet Lionel Joseph Bourke whose name became a geographic marker in Holly – Bourke’s Point – on the northern end of Holly Bay (also known as Joe Hammond Bay back in the day). Bourke’s granddaughter, Marie Harris Sullivan, reports: My grandfather, Lionel Joseph Bourke, bought the canal house in 1941 or 42. He was the 3rd owner we know of it – I understand a Wyatt built it in 1902 or so, then Mrs. Butterfield bought it and ran it as a boarding house, and then Grandpa Joe bought it. All I really have are stories my mom shared and my memories dating from the 60s when I was born and started staying out there in the summer. Other reporting shows the house, perched on a hill overlooking Holly Bay, was built in 1910 by Fred Wyatt, oldest son of Robert Wyatt who married Pauline Pfundt and had three children. The 110+ year old house is being replaced this Fall of 2022.

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