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  • Bourke’s Point, c.1900’s

    Bourke’s Point, c.1900’s

    This is a photograph of Bourke’s point taken in the early 1900s. The picture is taken from the south part of Holly Bay looking north. Atop the Point is a home built by Fred Pfundt in 1910. The property was sold to the Bourke family &, still standing & in good repair, has been used…

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  • Meet Lionel Joseph Bourke

    Meet Lionel Joseph Bourke

    Meet Lionel Joseph Bourke whose name became a geographic marker in Holly – Bourke’s Point – on the northern end of Holly Bay (also known as Joe Hammond Bay back in the day). Bourke’s granddaughter, Marie Harris Sullivan, reports: My grandfather, Lionel Joseph Bourke, bought the canal house in 1941 or 42. He was the…

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