The Fire

She’ll be sorely missed, but not forgotten

In the evening of April 13th, 2022, the first call went out to the Fire Department about a fire at the Schoolhouse. Flames were very high by the time the first fire truck arrived and units began trucking water in from nearby Crosby and Seabeck. There was no chance to save the Schoolhouse so the fire was fought as a defensive fire to avoid spread.

The fire was so hot the copper pipes to the oil heater and the bell melted. Nothing was saved of the grand old Schoolhouse.

The Fire Marshall is still conducting his investigation but arson has been initially ruled out.

Photos & Media

KING5 coverage of the fire.

Condolences & Tributes

As news of the fire spread through the community and afar, many shared their condolences, thoughts and tributes.

  • Post-Fire Roses

    Post-Fire Roses

    I stopped by the Schoolhouse shortly after the fire and found roses placed upon its steps. I snapped some photos of the fire damage too.

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  • Aaberg-Johnson Wedding & Memories

    Aaberg-Johnson Wedding & Memories

    I’m Arlen and Linda Johnson’s daughter, long-time members of the community who moved a few years ago. The news of the fire was devastating to us all. Holly, the community members, and the schoolhouse are special to all of us, but especially to Mom and Arlen. We had many weddings and family events at the […]

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  • A Memory from Brandon Elsey

    A Memory from Brandon Elsey

    Saddened that this beautiful building is now gone. This is somewhere I enjoyed seeing and visiting every time I went to Holly. My grandparents had the key to the building and would take us there. A big rope came down from the ceiling going up to a bell house and they would let my brother […]

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A myriad of experiences were shared at this beautiful space. We’ve collected and shared as many as we can on our website, and below is a small sample. Make sure to check out more of them on the our dedicated memories page.

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Looking Forward

The schoolhouse will be rebuilt! Find announcements, and progress updates, all right here.

  • Rebuilding the Schoolhouse

    Rebuilding the Schoolhouse

    Yes the Holly Schoolhouse will be rebuilt! We are fully insured and are now awaiting results of the Fire Marshall and Insurance investigations. While the rebuild will be years away, in the near future there will be more to report on that front. In the meantime donations towards the future rebuild are welcome at anytime to the […]

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  • Insurance Update 4/24/22

    Insurance Update 4/24/22

    Holly Community Board Member Vice President Vickie Napora is not only our point person with the Kitsap Fire Marshal but she is also handling our insurance claim, something she has been looking at since first coming onto the board last year.  She has worked 43 years as an insurance underwriter, product development specialist and underwriting manager and […]

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