Dear Holly Community Far & Wide,

We are collecting history, stories, and photos for the Holly Schoolhouse to put here on our website. Please send anything you have, short memories, long memories, condolences for the loss, photos from weddings, recipes, events and historic photos, anything at all, and we will load it onto our site where you can also donate to our fundraising efforts. You can find out how to send in your contributions below.

This will be a wonderful way for all of us to have access to the memories of that glorious building that was about to celebrate her 100th birthday before the tragic fire of April 13th, 2022.

Paige Stockley, Secretary
Holly Community Club

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  • A Memory from Brandon Elsey

    A Memory from Brandon Elsey

    Saddened that this beautiful building is now gone. This is somewhere I enjoyed seeing and visiting every time I went to Holly. My grandparents had the key to the building and would take us there. A big rope came down from the ceiling going up to a bell house and they would let my brother […]

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  • A Memory from Sue Elsey

    A Memory from Sue Elsey

    I grew up there as a child and remember my dad lifting me up to grab the rope that was connected to the big bell and ringing it to start the annual rummage sale. This tradition passed down to my children when they were old enough to ring the bell also. Christmas dinners and Spring […]

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  • Lerner-Stockley Wedding

    Lerner-Stockley Wedding

    I always knew I wanted to get married at the Schoolhouse someday. So when planning my wedding to my husband Steve in 2002, location was a given. We rented ponies for the children to keep them entertained on the lawn so my friends could enjoy their wine, put up big dinner tents for the 175 […]

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