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The Holly Schoolhouse

Nearly 100 years of history in the Holly, WA community.

The schoolhouse once a place of education, then serving as the Community Club and center of Holly life, tragically burned down in its centennial year. The schoolhouse has been a part of many lives, memories and is a special part of the local history of Holly.

  • Articles of Incorporation of the Holly Community Club 1947

    Articles of Incorporation of the Holly Community Club 1947

    The Articles of Incorporation legally defined the Holly Community Club as a nonprofit corporation in the state of Washington in 1947.

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  • Class of 1926 | Holly School

    Class of 1926 | Holly School

    Holly School Class of 1926 – The teacher standing behind her class, farthest back, is Miss Gantke. Her class of 19 students stands ready for photo day.

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  • Petersen & Hanson History

    Petersen & Hanson History

    Our Mother’s maiden name was Lauralee A. Petersen. Our uncles names were Louis Petersen and Gerald Petersen, and as I said earlier our Mother and Uncles we think, would have attended in the early 1930’s, as our Mother graduated from Issaquah H.S. in 1940. Our grandparents probably rented a cabin along the water, as I […]

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  • The Hanson Brother’s

    The Hanson Brother’s

    Just a short bit of history, that goes a ways back. Jerry Hanson and John Hanson’s grandparents lived in Holly around 1930 or so, with their three children. My grandfather worked in the logging industry, for a man named McHugh, logging the old growth timber up the hill to the South of Holly. The three […]

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  • Holly History

    Holly History

    Historical contents collected over the years from information furnished by various “Old Timers” in the community. Third Edition – Sept. 1975 Compiled By:Ruth Wyatt SteverFlorence Pfundt Clark Neva Beth Swift Many folks have inquired about our little community of Holly; when and from where did the first homesteaders and settlers come, etc., therefore we decided to […]

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