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  • Schoolhouse Bell Found!

    Schoolhouse Bell Found!

    Like Phoenix rising from the ashes we have a bit of good news.  In October 2022 Nick Wise combed through the burned out debris of the  Schoolhouse site to look for the bell and he found it! It is steel and very heavy, weighing about 200 pounds and is missing the clapper.     When…

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  • Electrical Arcing Caused Fire

    Electrical Arcing Caused Fire

    The Fire Marshal’s investigation has determined the cause of the fire that broke out on April 13th, 2022 which tragically engulfed the Holly Schoolhouse. Electrical arcing on the north exterior side of the building near the meter box was found to be the cause. Assistant Fire Marshal Tina Turner wrote to the Kitsap Sun explaining…

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  • Insurance Update 5/13/22

    Insurance Update 5/13/22

    Vice President Vickie Napora is our point person for our insurance claim. She has worked 43 years as an insurance underwriter, product development specialist and underwriting manager and is well qualified to be our point person! We are very grateful for her expertise. The Fire Marshall is still investigating the cause of the fire, and…

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