Category: Shoolhouse Memories

  • Peaceful Holly by Hattie Madson

    Peaceful Holly by Hattie Madson

    Dear Mrs. Mey, I contacted Florence Pfundt Bowman about the history of Holly and she told me the following: The first school was built in1893 on Mr. William Rust’s property. The second one was built on 1905 on a piece of Fred Wyatt’s property. The third in 1922 on property donated by by Alber Pfundt,…

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  • Petersen & Hanson History

    Petersen & Hanson History

    Our Mother’s maiden name was Lauralee A. Petersen. Our uncles names were Louis Petersen and Gerald Petersen, and as I said earlier our Mother and Uncles we think, would have attended in the early 1930’s, as our Mother graduated from Issaquah H.S. in 1940. Our grandparents probably rented a cabin along the water, as I…

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  • The Hanson Brother’s

    The Hanson Brother’s

    Just a short bit of history, that goes a ways back. Jerry Hanson and John Hanson’s grandparents lived in Holly around 1930 or so, with their three children. My grandfather worked in the logging industry, for a man named McHugh, logging the old growth timber up the hill to the South of Holly. The three…

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