Holly Schoolhouse


A grand old school building built in 1922 for the children of Holly.

Pictured above is the Holly School the year it was built  in 1922, on land donated by Albert Pfundt. An exact duplicate of school was built in Crosby and Seabeck. Holly children attended grades 1st-8th at the Holly School and were then bussed to Silverdale for 9th-12th grades. The Crosby Schoolhouse still stands and the Seabeck Schoolhouse was relocated to Brownsville where it is now a church. The Holly School was closed in 1946 and deeded to the Holly Community in 1947. The small house on the right was a home built for the teacher. Tragically the Schoolhouse burned to the ground in her Centennial year on April 13th, 2022.

Pictured here is the Schoolhouse decades later in the 90’s.

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