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  • Displays at the Centennial Party

    Displays at the Centennial Party

    We were challenged with creating a way to display without making a mark on the beautiful walls of the Manke Barn.  In the end, we painted 4’ x 8’ insulation boards with black chalkboard paint and used extra-strength adhesive mounting squares to attach them to the walls.  We held our collective breath each time we…

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  • The Centennial Party

    The Centennial Party

    On August 13th, 2022, the Holly Community came together to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Holly Schoolhouse, built in 1922.  Tragically the grand building burned down in her 100th year but the celebration was still held thanks to the generous offer of the Manke Family on Old Holly Hill Road to lend their family…

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  • The Howard Clark Baby Grand Piano

    The Howard Clark Baby Grand Piano

    The Schoolhouse baby grand piano, recently donated by the Howard Clark family in his memory, and tragically burned in the fire, is seen here played by Holly child Daisy Lerner at the Holly Christmas party of 2015.

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  • The Final Holly Christmas Party 12/21/21

    The Final Holly Christmas Party 12/21/21

    On December 12, 2021 the old Holly Schoolhouse hosted it’s last Christmas party and potluck. The year before for the first time in many years there was no Christmas party due to the pandemic,  but finally we were able to have an in person party and what a party it was. As usual Holly cooks presented…

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  • Petersen & Hanson History

    Petersen & Hanson History

    Our Mother’s maiden name was Lauralee A. Petersen. Our uncles names were Louis Petersen and Gerald Petersen, and as I said earlier our Mother and Uncles we think, would have attended in the early 1930’s, as our Mother graduated from Issaquah H.S. in 1940. Our grandparents probably rented a cabin along the water, as I…

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  • Aaberg-Johnson Wedding & Memories

    Aaberg-Johnson Wedding & Memories

    I’m Arlen and Linda Johnson’s daughter, long-time members of the community who moved a few years ago. The news of the fire was devastating to us all. Holly, the community members, and the schoolhouse are special to all of us, but especially to Mom and Arlen. We had many weddings and family events at the…

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  • A Memory from Sue Elsey

    A Memory from Sue Elsey

    I grew up there as a child and remember my dad lifting me up to grab the rope that was connected to the big bell and ringing it to start the annual rummage sale. This tradition passed down to my children when they were old enough to ring the bell also. Christmas dinners and Spring…

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