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  • 4th of July, c.1913

    4th of July, c.1913

    A Holly community 4th of July picnic is gathered here in front of the Bourke’s Point Post Office & Store. This store, Holly’s second (Robert Wyatt Sr. previously had one on the main floor of his home), was started by John Youngblood and his wife Minehaha in 1900. The Youngblood’s sold it to Fred Wyatt…

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  • The Shingle Mill, c.1900’s

    The Shingle Mill, c.1900’s

    Just to the left of center in this photo is the water-powered Shingle Mill built in the early 1900’s during logging’s heyday in the area. The Shingle Mill owners, Franz Anderson & John Youngblood, later gathered discarded saws from logging camps & started a can opener factory powered by the same equipment. Even later, they…

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