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  • Holly Post Office & Store

    Holly Post Office & Store

    Pictured here is the Holly Post Office & Store. This photo was taken from the dock that extended out into Holly Bay where goods were received by boat. Pfundt expanded his facility to include resort cabins & a bath house. He sold the property in 1949. Photograph donated by Marcie Roscoe.

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  • Holly’s 2nd Schoolhouse Teacher, Miss Gantke

    Holly’s 2nd Schoolhouse Teacher, Miss Gantke

    Miss Emma Gantke, pictured here, was the 2nd teacher in the newly completed Holly School in 1922. Originally from Wisconsin, she taught across the Canal in Eldon before beginning her work in Holly. Miss Gantke, who never married, lived in the little cottage beside the school built for the teacher’s use. By all accounts, she…

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