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  • A Holly Winter, c.1900’s

    A Holly Winter, c.1900’s

    This is a wintertime photo of Holly in the early 1900’s. In the center of the picture is a combination Shingle Mill & Can Opener/Scissors Factory that was built between 1902 & 1905. To the right & behind this building is the Robert Wyatt Sr. home which was built in 1890. The white house with…

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  • The Venture Ship

    The Venture Ship

    Information that I have gathered about the ship pictured here, The Venture, is conflicting. Steve Wyatt says that he recalls that Louie Pfundt owned The Venture, a purse seiner, & that Louie fished for salmon in the San Juan Islands in the summer & in Hood Canal in the fall. However, Florence “Flossie” Clark remembers…

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  • Hattie Madson’s Cow, c.1911

    Hattie Madson’s Cow, c.1911

    Hattie Madson (Age 17) is pictured here in the summer of 1911. She & a family cow are posing on what has been called “Madrona Point”, after a huge madrona tree on the family’s land on Holly Bay.

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  • Peaceful Holly by Hattie Madson

    Peaceful Holly by Hattie Madson

    Dear Mrs. Mey, I contacted Florence Pfundt Bowman about the history of Holly and she told me the following: The first school was built in1893 on Mr. William Rust’s property. The second one was built on 1905 on a piece of Fred Wyatt’s property. The third in 1922 on property donated by by Alber Pfundt,…

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  • The Holly Schoolhouse Opens 1922 – Centennial Party Display

    The Holly Schoolhouse Opens 1922 – Centennial Party Display

    Opened in September 1922 It is a handsome shingled symmetrical building with a bell tower, two classrooms with soaring ceilings, a dozen tall windows, a coat room, a library, running water, a furnace in the basement and a cottage for the teacher right next door.  It is quite a change from the previous two buildings…

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  • Cookies | Community Recipes

    Cookies | Community Recipes

    Hattie did not disappoint with this community favorite cookie recipe. Made with love and baked till golden brown delicious!

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  • The Holly Schoolhouse, c.1922

    The Holly Schoolhouse, c.1922

    Pictured here is the Holly School, nor the Holly Community Club. It was built in 1922 on land donated by Albert Pfundt (this photo was taken that same year). An exact duplicate of schools built in Crosby and Seabeck, students attended grades 1-8 here. They were bussed to Silverdale for 9-12. This school was closed…

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  • Class of 1926 | Holly School

    Class of 1926 | Holly School

    Holly School Class of 1926 – The teacher standing behind her class, farthest back, is Miss Gantke. Her class of 19 students stands ready for photo day. Photograph donated by Hattie Madson & Ruth Hawkins.

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