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  • Bowman’s Boat, c.1920’s

    Bowman’s Boat, c.1920’s

    Orville Bowman is pictured here aboard his boat in Holly Bay. He bought the boat in 1927 & this picture was taken, most likely, a few years after that. Bowman came to Holly in 1925 to log in the area with his father. He later finished with Albert Pfundt on the Rambler. In 1927, Bowman…

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  • The Rambler, c.1922

    The Rambler, c.1922

    The Rambler is pictured here in dry dock on Holly Bay in 1922. The boat’s owner, Albert Pfundt, is seen here on the beach with a bucket in hand. His daughter, Florence (“Flossie”), about 14 years old is standing at the boat’s center. Pfundt fished for salmon in Hood Canal, the San Juan Islands, &…

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  • The Rambler, c.1920’s

    The Rambler, c.1920’s

    Pictured here is the Rambler, returning to Holly after a fishing trip, sometime in the early 1920s. Albert Pfundt, owner of the Rambler, fished for salmon in Hood Canal, the San Juan Islands, & Alaska & he also shrimped with this boat. Photograph donated by Leroy Bowman.

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  • Indigenous Artifacts, c.1923

    Indigenous Artifacts, c.1923

    In 1923, American Indian Artifacts were found under the charred tree stumps you see here. While clearing his Holly beachfront property, Albert Pfundt discovered beads, arrowheads, axeheads, & other items. He later donated his discoveries to the University of Washington. This photo is taken with the photographers back to the canal. Pfundt’s home, built in…

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