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  • The Shingle Mill, c.1900’s

    The Shingle Mill, c.1900’s

    Just to the left of center in this photo is the water-powered Shingle Mill built in the early 1900’s during logging’s heyday in the area. The Shingle Mill owners, Franz Anderson & John Youngblood, later gathered discarded saws from logging camps & started a can opener factory powered by the same equipment. Even later, they…

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  • Riverside Timber Co. Logging

    Riverside Timber Co. Logging

    Extensive logging in & around the Holly area operated until at least 1905. The Riverside Timber Company logged 21,000 acres in the area. The railroad (1 locomotive, 6 donkey engines, & 10 miles of track) extended from Holly to Hintzville. Logs, rolled into Anderson Cove & assembled into booms, were hauled by tugboat to the…

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  • Early Holly History Timeline – Centennial Party Display

    Early Holly History Timeline – Centennial Party Display

    1880: William Anderson is issued a homestead patent for Happy Valley (stretch of land from Anderson Bay up the old railroad tracks into the Valley now (1977) owned by the Warren Family. 1883: “Old” Anderson marries “Indian” Mary James on December 3rd in Happy Valley. 1889: Christian Fredrick “Fritz” Pfundt, his wife Catherin and 9…

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