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  • Electrical Arcing Caused Fire

    Electrical Arcing Caused Fire

    The Fire Marshal’s investigation has determined the cause of the fire that broke out on April 13th, 2022 which tragically engulfed the Holly Schoolhouse. Electrical arcing on the north exterior side of the building near the meter box was found to be the cause. Assistant Fire Marshal Tina Turner wrote to the Kitsap Sun explaining […]

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  • The Howard Clark Baby Grand Piano

    The Howard Clark Baby Grand Piano

    The Schoolhouse baby grand piano, recently donated by the Howard Clark family in his memory, and tragically burned in the fire, is seen here played by Holly child Daisy Lerner at the Holly Christmas party of 2015.

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  • Shrimp Rolls | Holly Cookbook

    Shrimp Rolls | Holly Cookbook

    Sautéd shrimp, garlic, cheese and mushrooms all atop a bed of English Muffins. Guests will want 2 they’re so good!

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  • More Holly History

    More Holly History

    Excerpts from a historical text on the Holly area, submitted by Bill (William) Acheson.

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  • Cookies | Community Recipes

    Cookies | Community Recipes

    Hattie did not disappoint with this community favorite cookie recipe. Made with love and baked till golden brown delicious!

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  • Insurance Update 5/13/22

    Insurance Update 5/13/22

    Vice President Vickie Napora is our point person for our insurance claim. She has worked 43 years as an insurance underwriter, product development specialist and underwriting manager and is well qualified to be our point person! We are very grateful for her expertise. The Fire Marshall is still investigating the cause of the fire, and […]

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  • Holly’s First Schoolhouse Teacher

    Holly’s First Schoolhouse Teacher

    Miss Emma Gantke, pictured here, was the first teacher in the newly completed Holly School in 1922. Originally from Wisconsin, she taught across the Canal in Eldon before beginning her work in Holly. Miss Gantke, who never married, lived in the little cottage beside the school built for the teacher’s use. By all accounts, she was well-loved and much respected and admired. She retired from teaching in the mid-1930s and left Holly. Photograph donated by Marcie Roscoe.

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  • Holly’s Second School in 1905

    Holly’s Second School in 1905

    Holly’s second school was built in 1905 on land donated by Robert Wyatt Sr. The school was located on the north side of Holly, above Bourke’s Point. The dock and part of the roof of the Dance Hall can be seen glimpsed behind and below the schoolhouse. This facility was closed in 1922 when the new school (currently the Holly Community Club) was built. Photograph donated by Freida Wyatt.

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  • Post-Fire Roses

    Post-Fire Roses

    I stopped by the Schoolhouse shortly after the fire and found roses placed upon its steps. I snapped some photos of the fire damage too.

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  • The Holly Schoolhouse 1922

    The Holly Schoolhouse 1922

    Pictured here is Holly School, now the Holly Community Club. It was built in 1922 on land donated by Albert Pfundt (This photo was taken that same year). An exact duplicate of schools built in Crosby & Seabeck, students attended grades 1st-8th here. They were bussed to Silverdale for 9th-12th.

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