Acknowledging Larry Stever, Family Roots

When the Centennial Committee made a plea to the community to help us reclaim Holly history, Larry Stever responded in a big way. He shared photos, handwritten histories from his mom, and original newspaper articles regarding Holly. 

When we wondered out loud about early courting and marrying, he produced a family tree that showed he’s related to all five of the original families.

And when we wondered out loud where all the old buildings were actually situated, he created a map of the bay showing the locations of them all. 

While he called them the family storyboards, we call them priceless documents.  We’re hoping to have them professionally scanned and printed on durable paper for posterity. 

While Larry did the research, his wife Lana got it all down on paper.  We are grateful for their interest and hard work.

Lana and Larry Stever