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William B. Rust homesteaded in Holly on May 15, 1891, receiving his grant for approximately 160 acres from the Government. This area took in practically all of what is now known as Holly, just south of the Wyatt property. He erected a house on his land which two years later became the first school house with Mr. Rust as its first teacher. Soon. Mr. George Cady Johnson, a well known Kitsap County school teacher, purchased property in approximately 1896 and...
...taught school in Holly in 1900. The second school house was built in 1905 on the north side of the Bay on the Wyatt property.
...tasted and he added "and that's a lot of pie". Albert donated land for the third school house, where our new Holly Community Club meetings and Sunday school are held.
The third schoolhouse was built in 1922 and when the school was closed and the children transferred to schools in Seabeck and Chico, the Holly Improvement Club took over the building in 1947. The first president was Monte Huestis and Secretary Florence Bowman Clark. // The following teachers taught school at Holly, covering a period from 1893-1946: William B. Rust, H Wells, Miss. Inez Townsend, Miss. Mabel Toles, George Cady Johnson, Carrie Holman, Bertha Gibbs, Christine Bartelson, Miss. Jeans, Alma Webster, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Whaley, Emma Gantke, Tillie Winton, Rhoda Hopkins and Mary Nordby.

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