The Final Holly Christmas Party 12/21/21

On December 12, 2021 the old Holly Schoolhouse hosted it’s last Christmas party and potluck. The year before for the first time in many years there was no Christmas party due to the pandemic,  but finally we were able to have an in person party and what a party it was. As usual Holly cooks presented their best, and the Howard Clark baby grand piano played by Bremerton music teacher and composer Vanessa Lee, accompanied the group in a round of Christmas carols, closing with “Silent Night” done with the lights down low. Paige Stockley lent her cello sounds to the beautiful caroling. We had no idea after that party that it was to be our last community Christmas in the old building.  Sage Bell and Daisy Lerner amongst others snuck into the basement that night to see what was down there. Nothing too exciting was the report! But all went home full of delicious food and wine and deserts and filled with Christmas cheer. Linda Johnson collected gifts and donations that night for a family in need as she does every year and the Schoolhouse was splendidly decorated by Mary Whittaker, Kathy Mars and Jan McLemore.