Petersen & Hanson History

Our Mother’s maiden name was Lauralee A. Petersen. Our uncles names were Louis Petersen and Gerald Petersen, and as I said earlier our Mother and Uncles we think, would have attended in the early 1930’s, as our Mother graduated from Issaquah H.S. in 1940. Our grandparents probably rented a cabin along the water, as I don’t recall them ever mentioning owning a place.

As an aside my Grandmother, really enjoyed vacationing at Holly, after our Grandfather passed (from a logging accident). I do remember she rented a small house on the school grounds, about 75 yards away from the school, it is gone now, as that would have been in the late 1950’s. If I had to guess, I would say it was where the teacher or teachers at the school lived. Just a guess. Needless to say we kids came out to stay with her at the teachers old house, we think.

I will look through all of the old pictures Mom had, but that will take some work, as we “inherited” a lot of stuff. Pictures, I would guess in the 30’s took some money for the camera, film, and then to be developed somewhere I guess in Bremerton. So it would have taken money to get pictures, and there wasn’t a lot to go around then, this being shortly after the depression. In the 70’s and 80’s when Mom would go to socials, and birthday parties, etc. at the school house pictures were much easier to come by. She just may have some from that era, that I can find.

John E. Hanson