The Hanson Brother’s

Just a short bit of history, that goes a ways back. Jerry Hanson and John Hanson’s grandparents lived in Holly around 1930 or so, with their three children. My grandfather worked in the logging industry, for a man named McHugh, logging the old growth timber up the hill to the South of Holly. The three children, were our Mother Lauralee Hanson, and our two uncles. They attended the school that we all unfortunately just lost, in around 1932-1933. Our folks, Lauralee and Palmer Hanson built their own house on Alan King Road, and lived there from roughly 1973 to 1993. Jerry Hanson now owns that same house on Alan King Road. Our Mother spent a lot of time at the old school in the 70’s and 80’s attending socials, birthday parties, etc.

Our family has been going to Holly for vacations, etc. since 1952. When the store was still there, the cabins (about 10) were rented out, and the dock was used for loading and unloading rental boats, and for diving off at high tide. I said I would make this brief, so I’ll stop. Many fond memories of the good old Holly Days.

Jerry & John Hanson