Lerner-Stockley Wedding

I always knew I wanted to get married at the Schoolhouse someday. So when planning my wedding to my husband Steve in 2002, location was a given. We rented ponies for the children to keep them entertained on the lawn so my friends could enjoy their wine, put up big dinner tents for the 175 guests and the ceremony took place in the center of the Schoolhouse right under the bell which was rung after we were officially pronounced man and wife! My friend the pianist Allison Voth played “Here Comes the Bride” on the old upright piano, and my bridesmaids walked to tango music played by my friend the accordionist.

Out on the lawn we had passed hor’doerves, and giant barbecues for a Lebanese lamb feast and the white fondant cake was made by Silverdale caterer Ambrosia. Guests dined and danced to a Dixieland band. The wedding party all stayed at the Willccox House that night and the Schoolhouse was filled with Merle Stedman’s entire fall harvest of dahlias, my favorite flower.

On our 10th anniversary, we celebrated with a picnic on the Schoolhouse steps with our daughter who was 8 years old. We told her that since she “missed” our wedding we wanted to recreate memories with her!

This Fall is our 20th anniversary September 2002 coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the Schoolhouse. We were going to do another picnic on the steps of the Schoolhouse. But sadly the old building is gone. But she will always live in our hearts, memories and photographs.

Paige Stockley