A Memory from Sue Elsey

I grew up there as a child and remember my dad lifting me up to grab the rope that was connected to the big bell and ringing it to start the annual rummage sale. This tradition passed down to my children when they were old enough to ring the bell also. Christmas dinners and Spring plant sales with Hattie and Marcy always in attendance. Hattie’s son Richard always took so much pride in directing where each vehicle was to be parked on the grass.

My dad loved to water and fertilize the lilac plants out front and was very proud of how they looked each Spring. Mona would plant flowers under the sign out front and weeded it every Spring to make sure it looked just right when the bulbs came up. When my two boys were young we would come to visit, Dad and Mona would take them up to the school house to tour the basement where the boys thought it was haunted. They loved the creek of each stair as they descended down.

Dad made the frames for each of the pictures that hung on the wall of the Schoolhouse. There are so many memories that will live in my heart forever.

Sue Elsey

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